Hand protection is not a new development. Gloves have been considered important for hundreds of years.

When using machinery, pinch points can catch us when we’re not looking. Pulleys and belts can form in-running nips, a type of pinch point that can draw the hand in and cause severe damage.

  • Wear appropriate work gloves when handling rough materials and when hands are directly involved with lifting or moving objects.
  • Take time to remove or bend down protruding nails, splinters and sharp edges on materials before you begin working with them.
  • Never wear gloves around in-running nips. The glove can be caught and the hand pulled right in and hurt.
  • Always use machinery guards.
  • Always replace a removed guard and lock your machinery before reaching into it.
  • When moving objects with a hand cart or truck, make sure that you have sufficient room to get through doorways and small spaces with enough clearance for cart and hands.  Be equally cautious when setting down loads.
  • Keep hands free of grease and oil slippery hands can get you in trouble. If you get grease or oil on your hands, clean them right away.
  • For safety’s sake, don’t wear any rings when working – a ring caught in machinery or on a protruding object can badly damage a finger.
  • Wear gloves to pick up broken glass, nails or other sharp objects including when sweeping up.  Never attempt to handle these things with your bare hands.

Despite the precautions we take, our hands will receive minor injuries from time to time. Always report and treat these injuries promptly, so they don’t become infected.


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