Ensure a safe work environment by wearing the appropriate ARC Flash PPE when dealing with electrical currents, which would include appropriately rated clothing, head protection, electrical gloves, and sleeves.

Did you know that rubber insulting gloves have standard requirements and specifications? Here are a few tips to ensure your safety while working with electricity:

Understand the type of work you intend to do and identify the appropriate Glove Class by AC/DC Voltage protection:

  • Class 00 – Max Use Voltage 500 AC Proof Tested 2,500 / 10,000
  • Class 0 – Max Use Voltage 1,000 AC Proof Tested 5,000 / 20,000
  • Class 1 – Max Use Voltage 7,500 AC Proof Tested 10,000 / 40,000
  • Class 2 – Max Use Voltage 17,000 AC Proof Tested 20,000 / 50,000
  • Class 3 – Max Use Voltage 26,500 AC Proof Tested 30,000 / 60,000
  • Class 4 – Max Use Voltage 36,000 AC Proof Tested 40,000 / 70,000

To avoid shocks and serious injuries when working near high voltage electrical sources, maintenance workers need to know how much voltage they could be exposed to.

How do you properly measure your hand and choose the right size glove?

  • Determine the proper electrical glove size by measuring your dominant hand at its widest point and rounding up to the next inch.

Add leather protectors

  • These are designed to be the same size of your rubber insulating gloves
  • Help to prevent cuts, abrasions as well as punctures or tears
  • Should be worn where voltages exceed 250 volts AC or 375 volts DC

Glove inspections and testing

  • According to OSHA 29 Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) 137(c)(2)(viii), electrical gloves must be periodically tested.
  • Glove manufacturers incorporate a date code that correlates to the initial test date
  • Rubber gloves must be tested before first issue and every 6 months thereafter
  • Testing is done by an accredited lab
  • Petroleum-based products can cause glove swelling which is an indicator of chemical contamination

Types of weather environments you will be working in

  • If you are a lineman working in various elements, consider a glove that is comfortable and add a 100% cotton liner which can provide some warmth in the winter and sweat absorption in the summer.
Electrical Glove Sizing

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Electrical Safety

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