The 2019 data for the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics indicates that the agricultural sector is still the most dangerous in America with 573 fatalities, or an equivalent of 23.2 deaths per 100,000 workers with 167 from contact with an object or equipment.

DID YOU KNOW: Farm-related accidents and injuries are affecting younger worker? According to OSHA, each year more than 2 million youth under the age of 20 are exposed to farm-related safety hazards that can cause fatalities, injuries or permanent disability.

Preventable work injuries per sector
Preventable work injuries per sector
Serious injuries and fatalities can be prevented through hazard identification and careful planning:


Wear the proper clothing and respiratory protection when using and applying chemicals as they can be hazardous. After using chemicals, don’t forget to wash your hands with soap and water to avoid ingesting poisonous chemicals.

Confined Spaces

Entering a manure pit, silo or grain bin may have limited ventilation that can expose you to gases that can be fatal or cause respiratory issues. Wear the proper protection and take steps to prevent being crushed, suffocating or experiencing lung damage caused by organic dust. Read more about confined spaces here.


According to OSHA, each year 3.6% of youth fatalities on farms were from electrocution. Electrocution is an overlooked hazard. Know your surroundings and where overhead power lines are when working with portable grain augers, oversized wagons, large combines and other tall equipment. Read more about prevention here.


Falls of just 12 feet can be fatal and falls often result in serious injuries or death. Wear the proper PPE and establish safe work procedures to help avoid these injuries.

Organic Dust

Hazards from breathing organic dust are plentiful and can come from a wide variety of sources including molds, pollens, bacteria, chemicals, feed, pesticides as well as animal particles or enclosed spaces. Wear PPE to avoid long-term exposure to these risks.

Other Machinery

Machinery accidents on farms can come from a variety of hazards including getting hit by, run over or entangled in machinery. Maintain the equipment properly, practice machine guarding and wear hearing protection to avoid hearing loss when working with loud equipment.


Agricultural workers face a number of hazards including respiratory, hearing, chemical, heat and skin irritants. Taking proper precautions can minimize or eliminate these hazards.


Farm machinery including front-end and skid-steer loaders carry numerous hazards including workers being struck by, crushed, caught under or between this heavy and potentially deadly equipment.

Tractor Hazards

Tractors are the cause of a high proportion of fatalities and injuries. Whether experiencing roll-overs, run-overs, severe weather, moving machinery and more, having the experience to safely control and operate this machinery can literally save lives. Read more here. For Spanish here.

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