The global personal protective equipment (PPE) market is flourishing and the global market for Personal Protective Equipment is projected to reach $54.3 billion by 2024. This growth is largely due to changes in the workplace that make PPE more critical to workplace safety and employee satisfaction than ever before.

Companies are therefore exhibiting an increased commitment to build a robust culture of safety through continuous safety measurement, assessment, and adaptation.

The following are the top 9 reasons why your business should pay attention to its PPE.

1. Competition

As the global manufacturing market grows more sophisticated and competition for skilled workers increases businesses need to pay more attention to their PPE than ever before. Otherwise, they risk losing skilled workers to injury or workplace dissatisfaction.

2. Emerging Industries

The emergence of new industrial sectors is likely to create job opportunities and lead to new manufacturing processes. However, the emergence of these processes will likely require PPE that can adapt to the unique needs of these processes.

3. Increasing Number of Accidents

Despite increased regulation and fines, workplace accidents and injuries continue to happen. These often occur due to reasons such as noncompliance with a specific PPE product, lack of proper high-visibility clothing, and inappropriate selection of a PPE for a certain task. Having the right PPE and ensuring that your employees are properly trained in its use is a critical first step to reduce workplace accidents.

4. Profit  / Loss Awareness

There is a growing awareness among companies over the damages and losses caused by improper or negligent implementation of safety protocols. Companies are therefore exhibiting an increased commitment to build a robust culture of safety through continuous safety measurement, assessment, and adaptation. PPE products greatly contribute to reducing the extent of injuries and accidents associated with potentially unsafe workplace conditions.

5. Comfort & Fit

Fitting is vital in case of PPE as one size does not fit all, specifically in case of respiratory and hearing protection. However, innovative fit testing techniques designed for hearing and respiratory protection are beneficial as they provide suitable PPE for each individual consumer. The latest PPE trends mainly focus on comfort, sustainability and good fit and are expected to enhance the hearing and respiratory protection

6. Women in the Workplace

In addition to comfort and fit, as more women are working in industrial workplaces, having PPE that fits their unique proportions will be critical to maintaining and improving workplace safety.

7. Innovations in Ergonomics

Manufacturers are designing PPE with the goal of reducing injuries through advanced awareness of ergonomics and the application of cutting-edge technologies. These advances are affecting everything from glove design to respiratory protection systems to safety glasses. Being able to provide this improved PPE to your employees can help to keep them safe and motivated.

8. Maintaining Reputation

In today’s hyper-connected world, the reputation of your business can be damaged with a single tweet or negative review by a current or former employee. Providing your employees with the right PPE can go a long way toward keeping employees happy and keeping their fingers away from their twitter feed.

9. Employee Awareness

Employees are more aware than ever before about the options available to them regarding PPE. Being able to demonstrate that the PPE you are providing is optimal to their needs can help reassure employees that you are properly concerned for their well-being.

Looking for more ideas on how to provide your employees with the right PPE? Talk to one of our safety advisors today. You can learn about our custom PPE options including our Truline brand, which offers customizable PPE solutions at a price you can afford.


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