There are hundreds of safety slogans and quotes that demonstrate the importance of workplace safety. Often, it’s these sayings that stick in our minds and help us remember to adhere to their messages and use safe workplace practices. These quotes or slogans can be used in memos, displayed on bulletin boards and featured in employee newsletters to help raise awareness in your organization.

Here at Arbill, we have pored through all of those quotes and slogans to come up with the top five which contain valuable prevention statements to always keep in mind when you’re on the job.

5. “Safety doesn’t happen by accident.”

The message to remember: Safety planning is a key component of a comprehensive safety program. There must be a commitment from leadership and written safety policies and procedures put in place. Beyond just creating these policies there must be champions within the organization who can make sure the policies will be implemented correctly and that employees understand what is expected.

4. “Anyone who believes that they have common sense has simply forgotten who taught them what they know.”

– Alan Quilley

The message to remember: It is important to consistently demonstrate the value of ongoing safety training. People often forget the safety tips and rules they’ve learned and try to act on common sense, which often leads to workplace injuries. Ensuring new hires are trained properly and conducting refresher trainings are steps you can take to properly educate and protect your employees.

3. Don’t be a fool, use the proper tool.”

– Lucie Riedlova

The message to remember: Using the proper tool is key to avoiding injuries. Workplace injuries often result from not using the proper tool and thinking it will be an ok substitute. It is important to educate employees on the proper tool to use for each job and also to consistently check the quality of the tools and machines in use. In addition to using the wrong tool, employees often also wear or use the wrong safety equipment. An example of this is wearing gloves that aren’t cut resistant or not properly rated for heat resistance or other hazards. Providing the proper tools, safety equipment and training on how to use and wear the equipment is extremely important.

2. “Accidents big or small, avoid them all.”

– Krista Hughes

The message to remember: All workplace accidents need to be avoided, and you should be doing everything you can to keep your workplace as accident-free as possible. Hazards that may seem small now can turn into big headaches if not properly addressed. Some of these hazards include puddles or wet-spots on floors, boxes in aisles or doorways, ladders that are out of place, small nicks or cuts that should be addressed right away. Inspecting your workplace for these hazards is a good first step to prevent future injuries and limit potential costs.

1. “Safety first is safety always.”

The message to remember: Safety should be at the forefront of everything you do and you should strive to create a culture of safety within your organization. Those that have committed to developing a culture of safety have lower incident rates, lower turn-over, lower absenteeism and higher productivity. Creating a successful safety culture begins with an investment from leadership and then empowering employees to take responsibility and “own” safety within the organization.

Workplace safety is about more than simply having the right safety products and equipment. To truly build a culture of safety you have to take a holistic approach and make safety a top priority.

Purchasing the best safety equipment, providing on-going safety training, conducting site audits and investing in innovative technologies are all a part of this holistic approach.

Are you doing everything you can to keep your employees safe?

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