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As I wrote previously, I recently had the pleasure of giving a TED Talks-style presentation to the attendees at the Rhythm Systems Breakthrough Conference.

The focus of the conference was to assist corporate leaders improve and build personal and leadership skills that will help them excel and provide them with the tools and resources to be successful in getting work done more effectively.

The attendees were like-minded professionals from all over the country who were interested in learning and sharing best practices so they can learn from each other and be more successful as teams and individuals. In all, about 150 executives attended.

Leading up to the conference I spent a lot of time thinking about what message I wanted to convey. I knew I wanted my talk to be impactful, memorable, and most importantly, I wanted my message to resonate with the audience.

The topic I settled on was “3 Surprising Weapons to Win and Survive the Tough Battles of Business.”

I could tell you about what I covered and how the audience reacted. However, why give you my interpretation of the talk when you can watch it yourself and draw your own conclusions.

I look forward to receiving  your feedback.

Julie Copeland, Arbill CEO

Have a safe day!